Hydrochloric Acid

  1. The hydrochloric acid- a corrosive and strong mineral acid is available for commercial and laboratory use. When hydrogen chloride dissolves in water, hydrochloric acid is formulated. Once formulated, it is tested for its physical properties, that include density, molarity, pH, viscosity, specific heat, vapour pressure, boiling point and melting point. It is recommended to take protective measures, like wearing or using personal protective equipment upon using this chemical, as it creates toxic gases when mixed with some chemicals. It can have corrosive effect on the eyes, skin, and mucous membranes. Inhalation of this chemical can cause coughing, inflammation, chest pain, and other dangerous effects.

    Application areas:

    • The major industries that use this product as an essential ingredient in production process are:
    • Metal industry- To remove rust from iron or steel.
    • Chemical industry- As a chemical reagant.
    • Food industry- For production of food additives.
    • Leather industry- For processing of leather.
    • Plastic industry- For creating organic compounds to be used in the production of PVC.
    • Other industries are rubber, textile, fertilizers and dyes.

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